What you should know about the new tournament circuit which gives away Wild Cards for ATP Challenger tournaments


What is it?

Race to MEF Challenger is a new male tournament circuit powered by MEF tennis events and approved by the Italian Tennis Federation. These tournaments give the chance to italian and foreign players (I and II categories) to win a Wild Card for the MD of ATP Challenger 80, also managed by MEF.

Why a new tournament circuit?

The goal is to give a new chance to professional tennis players and young talents to access an ATP Challenger Main Draw. The ATP reform currently doesn’t allow all players to have access to the ATP ranking.

* The reform, in force since 2019, is aimed at limiting the number of Pro players at 750 – number that applies to both men and women. Only players with enough ATP points will be able to access the ATP Challengers, which can only be earned in the final stages of the $ 25,000 Futures tournaments and in the semi-finals for those with hospitality. Participating in a tournament of the #racetomefchallenger circuit means earning the chance to directly access the main draw of an ATP Challenger tournament.

How many tournaments, when and where?

Between four and eight tournaments being organised, each of them will give you access to a 2019 ATP Challenger MD managed by MEF tennis events. Each tournament will take place the month before the ATP tournament week, in nearby locations to the challengers’ branches.

The #race calendar and locations will be announced soon so we suggest to keep an eye on our website: www.meftennisevents.com.


How are the Wild Cards being assigned?

The Wild Cards will be assigned to each tournament winner, and each card will be effective for the following tournament.


How can I sign up?

By filling out the on-line form as soon as it becomes available on www.meftennisevents.com. For any additional information and requests, please contact race@meftennisevents.com.


Full regulations and guidelines  to be available online soon.

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